Friday, March 02, 2007

Amidst exhaustion and carelessness, the show DID go on.

  • Susumu Yokota- 23 Degrees Dream
  • Exhaust- Voiceboxed
  • The Presidents of the United States of America- Video Killed the Radio Star
  • Electrelane- This Deed
  • Patrick Wolf- Apparition
  • Einsturzende Neubauten- Schwarz
  • Stereo Total- C'est la Mort
  • Frog Eyes- Time Destroys Its Plan at the Reactionary Table
  • Smog- No Dancing
  • Fink- Bristol Switch
  • Pontiak- Eyes
  • Colossal Yes- A Titan's Buffet
  • Animal Collective ft. Vashti Bunyan- I Remember Learning How to Dive
  • DACM- Patty
  • Mike Patton- Elettricita Atmospheriche Candite
  • Benoit Pioulard- Corpus Chant
  • Lungbutter- The Martians Aren't Coming
  • Blut Aus Nord- Inner Mental Cage
  • Bob Parins & True Love Always- I'm Dancing
  • Tunng- Stories
  • A Small Good Thing- Saloon Dreams (Edit)
  • Essie Jain- Disgrace
  • The Robot Ate Me- Djien
  • Trans Am- Climbing Up the Ladder (Parts III & IV)
  • Dada Swing- Pick Up You
  • Big Sir- The Freeways of My Mind
  • Jahcoozi- Fish
  • Deerhunter- White Ink
  • Iggy Pop- Sister Midnight


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