Wednesday, January 17, 2007


And here's what you heard (or missed) from DJ Insouciante Monday night:

-Love Is All- Busy Doing Nothing
-My Brightest Diamond- Something of an End
-The Gossip- Standing in the Way of Control (Soulwax remix)
-Gang Gang Dance- Nomand for Love (Cannibal)
-Oh No! Oh My!- I Love You All the Time
-Excepter- If I Were You
-Oneida- Up With People
-The Blow- Parentheses
-Ana Da Silva- The Lighthouse
-Warmer Milks- The Shark
-Battles- 1PT-2 + 1PT2
-Funkstorung- Heaven (by Lamb)
-Black Dice- Motorcycle
-Spark- Bombing for Peace
-Christian Falk- Dream On
-Menomena- Weird
-Controller Controller- Watch
-Elliot Sharp- Beatbox
-John Fahey- Funeral Music for Mississippi
-MV & EE with Bummer Road- Drive Is That I Love You
-Lene Lovich- Sleeping Beauty
-Solex- The Cutter


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