Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Here it is, more or less.

  1. Scout Niblett- Lullaby for Scout in Ten Years
  2. Cul de Sac- Electar
  3. Black Dice- Treetops
  4. Apples in Stereo- Sunday Sounds
  5. Kings of Convenience- The Buildup
  6. Les Breastfeeders- Tout va pour...
  7. White Flight- Deathhands
  8. Tommy Guerrero- Salve
  9. Guido Mobius- Pick Nick
  10. Gojogo- All is Fair in Love and War
  11. Sleater Kinney- Modern Girl
  12. Music for Total Chickens- Boy
  13. Cibelle- London, London
  14. Ben & Vesper- More Questions
  15. The Last Town Chorus- Understanding
  16. Mates of State- Hoarding it for Home
  17. Love of Diagrams- No Way Out
  18. The Swirlies- Chris R.
  19. The Slip- Even Rats
  20. Benni Hemm Hemm- The Doomed The Damned
  21. Flying Saucer Attack- Come and Close My Eyes
  22. All India Radio- Song of the See
  23. Ariel Pink- Jules Lost His Jewels
  24. Joy Division- 24 Hours


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